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Netduino for beginners

Modified on 2012/02/27 14:10 by georgejh Categorized as Beginners corner
Hi guys,

I have attached an article for beginner that will include step by step introduction to Netduino with basic circuit design and programming examples.

I am expecting your comments and suggestions, thank you in advance.

23/04/2011 - v1.1 Initial draft.
28/04/2011 - v1.2 Updated file with quick code example and some future content outline.
02/05/2011 - v1.3 Transistor parameters table and few more explanatory text. Future content outline.
10/05/2011 - v1.4 Transistor operation modes explained. Typical logical switch modes illustrated. Edited and simplified calculation section.Programming example explanations added
17/05/2011 - v1.5 Added second project chapter. Schematics and diagrams has new style. Code highlighting. LED flash code examples attached.
29/05/2011 - v1.6 Fixed link to BC547 datasheet. Breadboard schematics and exercises. "Become ECO friendly" chapter and code examples. Minor other changes.
25/06/2011 - v 1.7 Added long waited chapter "Solving problem with LD becoming ON when Netduino boots". Added new "Better multithreading" chapter. Changed the name and format of the tutorial and included TOC. Started new chapter "Basic introduction to electronics principles and components" for absolute beginners (only outline for now).
20/08/2011 - v1.8 Fixed calculations and improved explanations for PNP switch. Tutorial was reviewed technically and language and style was Improved too. Outlined some more future content.
15/10/2011 - v1.9 Included second approach for "Solving problem with LED becoming ON when Netduino boots" using SCR thyristor instead of relay. Included some preliminary content of the "Introduction to electronic principles and components".

19/12/2011 v1.10 From now on, due to a 2MB file size limit on the forum I'll publish the tutorial on my blog here. You can download the file and code from the "box" section on the right side.

LED flash.zip

Netduino for beginners.pdf
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